EOY Learner: Viewing EOY Worksheet and Activity

This process is for Arkansas users only.

There are two parts to the end of year process.  The EOY Evaluation (known as the EOY Worksheet) and the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.

EOY Evaluation (also known as the EOY Worksheet)

The End of Year Evaluation (also known as the EOY Worksheet) can be accessed by clicking End of Year Evaluation at the top of the learner dashboard, as shown below:


If the EOY Worksheet has been completed and shared by the end of year evaluator, the final rating will appear here.  

If the EOY Worksheet has not yet been completed, the following status may appear:

Your 2017-2018 end of year evaluation has not yet been started by your evaluator.


This means that the EOY Worksheet has not yet been shared or that you aren’t required to have an EOY Worksheet this year.

If you are in a non-career summative year, you will see the following status on your learner dashboard which indicates that you are not required to have a final rating calculated this year. (Note: If you believe this is an error, please reach out to your observer.)

For 2017-2018 you do not have to complete an end of year evaluation.


TESS PGP Review/Update (or the LEADS PGP Review/Update)

This activity is scheduled by the observer and appears on a learner's dashboard.  You can view all of your activities by clicking See All Activities on the right side of the learner dashboard.

To prepare for the activity, learners can ensure Goals their goals are set and are up to date, including Progress Posts, and complete the Learner Reflection step of the activity.  Notes entered into the activity are automatically shared with the observer.

If this activity doesn't appear, you can follow up with your observer to request that the activity be scheduled.


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