EOY Observer: Completing the End of Year Process

This process is for Arkansas users only.

There are two parts to the end of year process, the End of Year Evaluation (also known as the EOY Worksheet) and the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.

For the learner in a career summative year, the observer will complete both the EOY Worksheet and the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update. Use the chart below to determine which portions of the end of year process are required for an educator:


Learner in Career Summative Year

Learner in Non-Career Summative Year

EOY Worksheet



TESS PGP Review/Update



* If the learner is in a non-career summative year, but the observer would still like to complete ratings, they may do so via a snapshot of the TESS PGP Review/Update.  This snapshot is optional and will not calculate a final rating, but will allow the learner to see observer ratings of them.

Completing the End of Year Evaluation (EOY Worksheet)

The EOY Worksheet can be accessed at the top of the observer dashboard by clicking End of Year Tasks.  All the learners that have been assigned will appear under End of Year Tasks. (If a learner should have an EOY Worksheet and their name is missing, please reach out to the principal or district EdReflect administrator, as they can update who appears.)

To complete the EOY Worksheet, complete the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the observer dashboard and click End of Year Tasks at the top of the page. 
  2. Click on the name of a learner.
  3. Click Create a new one to open the AE&R screen.  (Note: When the AE&R screen opens, the last ratings you've will appear.  This may have been last year or another time the page was visited.)
  4. Update the ratings by selecting the current rating for each indicator.  (Note: Only the big aqua colored ratings are included in the calculation of the final rating.  Historical ratings, which are marked by smaller squares, are ratings selected in a prior observation and can be used to inform what ratings are selected for the final rating.)
  5. Once ratings are selected, click Create Snapshot and provide a name for the snapshot.
  6. Click Create Snapshot again and view the confirmation that the snapshot was created.
  7. Click the browser's back button to return to the worksheet.
  8. Click Attach an existing one to attach the snapshot just created.
  9. Select the snapshot in the list and then click Attach this snapshot.

Ratings have now been calculated and the EOY Worksheet can be shared with the learner by clicking Share.  Tip: To review the snapshot attached, click directly on the name of the snapshot. 


Completing the TESS PGP Review/Update (or the LEADS PGP Review/Update)

The TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update can be scheduled from your observer dashboard.

For learners in a career summative year, you’ll complete both an EOY Worksheet and a TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.  For learners in a non-career summative year, you’ll complete just the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.  Here’s how to complete the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.

  1. From your observer dashboard, scroll to the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update.  (Note: the LEADS PGP Review/Update is available for learners assigned the principal, assistant principal, or the building/district administrator rubrics while the TESS PGP Review/Update is for all other learners.)
  2. Click Schedule and select the date and time of the review or meeting with the learner. 
  3. Open the activity by clicking on it from the observer dashboard and selecting a step.  View the chart below to learn more about each step.
  4. Click Close this Meeting when the activity is complete and ready to be closed.
Goals This step will display the learner's goals.  Click on the goal to view more information about the goal.  Mark the goal as achieved to remove the goal from the activity and archive it. (Note: Once the goal is marked as achieved, it cannot be made active again.)
Learner Reflection This step is where the learner will reflect on their goal and provide progress towards their goal.  This page becomes visible once the learner has entered notes.
TESS (or LEADS) PGP Review/Update This step is where the observer will be able to take notes from the meeting with the learner.  The observer can include other feedback and next steps.
Snapshot This is where you can include a snapshot for non-career summative learners.  These ratings will not calculate a final rating and instead provide the learner insight into their feedback.

Please see the video below for a quick walkthrough of the TESS or LEADS PGP Review/Update activity.



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