Archiving Activities

Over the summer, all scheduled activities will be archived automatically. The default date of archive is July 15; however, your district lead may request a different date by July 1.

What is archived?

Activities such as meetings and observations are archived to reset dashboards in preparation for the next school year. After they’re archived, activities can be accessed by clicking See All Activities at the bottom of a learner’s Current Activities list and then clicking Show activities from previous years. Activities may still be edited after they’re archived.



Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) will be archived. SLOs will continue to be accessible after archive.

What is not archived at this time?

Goal notes are not archived automatically. To archive a learner’s goal note, the learner can make the goal inactive or the observer can mark the goal as achieved. 
Click here to learn more about working with goals

EOY Worksheets will be archived at the end of the calendar year.

Artifacts continue to be accessible in the Artifacts tab of a learner’s E-Portfolio and in activities in which they were shared.

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