Tips for Mobile Users

Accessing observations from a mobile device

The observation platform does not currently have an app for mobile devices.

  • Tip: Mobile device users with an internet connection can access EdReflect by entering in the browser of their choice.

Browser message

If the Bear with us message displays, click the X in the upper right corner to close it and continue to the EdReflect platform.

Internet connection and saving

If you are traveling from room to room with a mobile device, make sure there is a consistent internet connection for saving your work.
  • Tip: Make sure to save your work before you navigate away from a page.

Observer dashboard - finding learners

When a mobile device is in portrait view, it may not scroll to the far right of the dashboard.

  • Tip: Use the Search field to find the learner.


Uploading documents, images and video functions the same as on a computer or laptop.

  • Tip: Before uploading, ensure the file is saved on the mobile device.

Observations - tagging text in a scripting step

The process for tagging text in a scripting screen is slightly different on a mobile device. Follow the directions below to successfully tag script.

  1. Select the text evidence you wish to tag.
  2. Swipe the rubric to the left to activate and expand the table. 
  3. Tap indicators to select them.
  4. If you wish to add a comment, tap the Add a comment button to open the comment field.
  5. Tap Save to complete the tag.


Helpful Hint: When you expand the rubric, a small window pops up that displays the text you've selected and gives you the opportunity to close the window and re-select evidence. To close the window, click the X in the upper right corner. 



Observations - using Quickfire

Portrait view - the Add Note field may not be visible.

  • Tip: Scroll or swipe the blank area vertically to bring the Add Note field into view. 

Landscape view - previously collected evidence in the notes pane may be hidden from view when the keyboard is active.

  • Tip: Swipe or scroll the blank area vertically to view the notes or turn to portrait view.



Connecting to resources in the Goal Progress area

You can connect to professional learning resources to recommend to a learner from his/her Goal Progress Area.

  1. Tap a Topic tile or the link to search BloomBoard for professional learning resources.
  2. BloomBoard opens in a separate tab, where you can search for Collections of teacher-curated resources that support your learner's goals and then share them from within the Collection. 



For more information about using BloomBoard, go to


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