EOY Reporting - Archived Evaluations

When EOY evaluations are archived they become read-only, but can still be accessed for viewing by both the evaluator and learner. Evaluators and learners see the same read-only view.

Open the Archived Evaluation

Access the archived EOY Worksheet directly from the learner account. 

  1. From the observer dashboard, click the learner’s profile image or name to open the learner's home page. 

  1. Click View archived on the learner's EOY Evaluation pane to open the learner's archived evaluation. The learner's EOY Evaluation pane sits directly below the BloomList. 



  1. From the End of Year Evaluation pane, select the archive year from the menu at top right to open the EOY Worksheet.




Viewing the Archived Evaluation

You can view and print all sections of an archived EOY Worksheet, but cannot make modifications to it. Below are some items you may need to hover over or click to view.

View Snapshot Ratings

If your evaluation includes a domain or component rating from an EOY rating Snapshot, you can view the individual indicator ratings.

  1. Hover on the domain or component rating to display the individual indicator ratings.




  1. Slide your mouse away from the individual ratings to close the pop up.


Open the Snapshot

You can open the Snapshot from the archived evaluation to view all of its ratings and evidence.

  1. Click the Snapshot's linked name directly under the domain/component ratings.



  1. The Snapshot opens in a separate browser tab.
  2. When you're finished viewing the Snapshot, close its browser tab.



Print an Evaluation

Click the printer icon to print the individual learner's EOY Worksheet.


Helpful Hint:  Once EOY evaluations have been archived, evaluators can no longer bulk print all of their learners' worksheets - only individual worksheets.

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