Video: Sharing Observation Evidence - Scripting Pane

Learn how and where to share scripting evidence and notes in observations.

Want to change the shared status of your observation's entries? This video also shows you where you can share and unshare your entries.

To learn how to share quickfire evidence, see Video: Sharing Observation Evidence - Quickfire Pane.

To learn how to tag evidence in observations (scripting and quickfire panes), see Tagging and Sharing Evidence in a Classroom Observation

Video time: 03:28


The observation scripting screen allows observers to enter their observation notes and then tag them to indicators on the rubric as evidence.

Learners can also tag an observer’s notes as evidence once the notes have been shared with them.

By default, scripting notes and tagged evidence are not shared.

In this video, we will look at how observers share their observation notes and how both learners and observers can share their tagged evidence.

00:35 Look in the upper right and lower left corners to find the two sharing options.

We’ll start with sharing evidence.

00:44 For observers, if you want to automatically share all tagged evidence with the learner as you tag it, you may turn on evidence sharing as soon as you open the observation step.

Ditto for learners – you can also turn on sharing at the start of your evidence collection process.

01:04 Note the button and explanatory language change to indicate you are in the sharing state.

Your evidence is now automatically shared as you select text and tag.

Once you toggle sharing to the on state, it remains on until you toggle it off, even when you leave and return to the observation.

01:26 If you turn evidence sharing off, you impact only the evidence you collect from that point forward – changing the evidence sharing state does not retroactively affect existing evidence.

Now let’s look at sharing scripting notes - the observation text that observers enter in this highlighted area.

We suggest that observers click share when they are ready to share their full scripting notes.

01:52 Notice the language beside the button changes, advising you that your notes are shared.

And you now have an unshare link.

The notes sharing option impacts the whole notes screen – a shared notes screen displays all of your notes to the learner.

02:07 An unshared notes screen displays blank for the learner.

Remember, learners can only tag observation evidence when the observer shares the notes screen.

02:20 Returning to evidence, the Collected Evidence feature, which you can access in the toolbar at top, is a place where you can review and selectively change the shared status of evidence you’ve collected.

In Collected Evidence, you can view all of the evidence you’ve collected and all of the evidence that has been shared with you.

02:40 If you want to change the status of an individual piece of evidence, click its check box to share or unshare it.

02:52 You can also click the All or None links to share or unshare all of your collected evidence.

So, if you want to check or fine tune the evidence you’ve shared, you can use this feature to review the evidence you’ve collected and make adjustments to sharing, if needed.

This concludes our overview of sharing evidence in the observation scripting pane.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact BloomBoard at or (888) 418-1595.

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