Introduction to Manage Activities

Org Admins with Manage Activities permissions have read-only access to all of a building's or district's activities (depending on the scope of permissions). This is different from an observer's dashboard, which restricts activity access to only learners who appear on the dashboard.

To assign Manage Activities access to an Org Admin's account, district leads should send a request to Support.  

 Finding Specific User's Activities

Use the filters to find the specific user's activities you wish to view.

  1. Click the role filter to select the user's role in the activity.
    For example, if you search a principal's name as a learner, you see only activities where the principal is being observed. If you search a principal's name as an observer, you see activities scheduled and conducted by the principal.
  2. Enter the desired user's name in the search field and then press Enter.



Helpful Hint: Search by the more unique of the participant's first or last name. Searching by both first and last name displays all users with the first name and all users with the last name.


  1. Alternately, if you have district-wide access, you may wish to begin filtering by school site (organizations).


Helpful Hint: You may filter by school or by name, but cannot use the two filters together.


  1. Add an additional filter, such as Archived activities or Completed activities only to further narrow the results.

Viewing an Activity

When you click an activity link, the activity overview opens under the activity listing. When you click on an activity step, the step opens and replaces your search results on the screen.

If you wish to view more than one activity in your search session, we recommend you open activities as follows:

  1. Click on the Activity link to display the activity overview.
  2. Right-click the activity step you wish to view and choose Open in new tab to open the full activity in a separate tab. You may need to click the tab to view the activity.



  1. You can return to your search results in the Org Admin tab by clicking the tab.



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