How do I prepare accounts for a new school year? (for Org Admins)


Manage Staff Additions and Departures

Manage Observer and Learner Relationships

Manage Read-only Observer Relationships

Review and Update Rubric Assignments

Update School Site Assignments


Get your user accounts prepped and ready for the new school year. We've compiled a list of activities, associated support articles and some Quick Tip videos to help you smooth the path for a successful year.

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Manage Staff Additions and Departures

Click the links below to open support articles that explain how to create user accounts for new staff and inactivate user accounts of departed staff. BloomBoard provides Org Admins with tools to make these account adjustments individually or in bulk, and we've provided articles below that outline both processes.

Create individual accounts for new users (User profile screen)

Create accounts for new users (Bulk user management)


Inactivate accounts of users who have left the district (User profile screen)

Inactivate accounts of users who have left the district (Bulk user management)



Manage Observer and Learner Relationships

We understand that the group of leaners an observer works with may change from year to year. You can use the bulk user management tools to check existing relationships and make changes as needed. You can also open individual user accounts to modify observer assignments.

Confirm and modify observer assignments (Bulk user management)

Confirm and modify observer assignments (User profile screen)



Manage Read-only Observer Relationships

Think about which observers will work together to observer the same learners in the upcoming school year. In order to facilitate collaboration and communication between observers, you'll need to set up read-only relationships. Also think about observers who will no longer work together in the upcoming year and remove their read-only relationships.

Modify Observer Read-only Relationships



Review and Update Rubric Assignments (as needed)

Learners who change roles may need a new rubric assignment. Review users who have changed roles and make rubric reassignments as needed.

Remember, that learners can only have one rubric assigned, so when you update a learner's rubric, make sure the old rubric is removed.

Review Rubric Assignments (Bulk user management)

Update Rubric Assignments (Bulk user management) (link takes you to the relevant section of the article above)

Update Rubric Assignments (User profile screen) 




Update School Site Assignments

Learners may leave a current school assignment or become affiliated with additional schools. Update learners' school site assignments so that the appropriate Administrators can access the learner's data in reports; manage the learner's user information; and/or manage the learner's activities.

Modify School Site Assignments (Bulk user management)

Modify School Site Assignments (User Profile screen)


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