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Using the Premium Product Access tool

Assigning Users to Suites

Assigning the Correct Access to Users

Filter Toolbar

Suite Assignment Pane


Configure user access to reports and other features with the Premium Product Access tool. You can assign access to EOY Summary & Data Export Reports, EOY PDF, Insights Reports, PD Reports and more.

Reports and other features are packaged in suites that reflect the features your state or organization has enabled, as well as the roles of your users.



Using the Premium Product Access Tool

The Premium Product Access screen displays available suites that provide different combinations of features and differing levels of access to users. Org Admins see the suites available for the users they manage.


Choosing a Report to View

The Premium Product Access screen displays Insight Reports suites upon opening, but you can view other suites by using the VIEW menu in the upper right.

  • Click the VIEW field to open a menu of suite types.
  • Click the suite type you wish to view.

The view changes automatically.

Helpful Hint: A blank view indicates your organization does not use or has not enabled the selected suite type.



Assigning Users to Suites



  • Click More details under a suite's name to view the suite's details.
  • To assign suite access to a user, click the appropriate check box.
    You can deselect a check box to remove access to the user.
  • The assignment is saved automatically.


Assigning the Correct Access to Users

Ensure you are assigning users the appropriate access for their role. Typically, there are three levels of access:

  • Admin Insights - all users within her/his district. This is best for District-level administrators who need to see everyone's data across the district.
  • Principal Insights - Reports provisioned at this level provide the user access to view data for all users in a school site. If the user is associated with multiple sites, s/he will see data for all users at those sites. This level is best for Principals and Asst. Principals.
  • Observer Insights - Reports provisioned at this level provide the user access to view data for all activities that have been scheduled by that observer. Best for Coaches and Observers.

Assignments are made immediately, so please review your assignments before you leave the Premium Product Access screen.


The tables below explain the filtering and assignment options available in the Premium Product Access screen.



Filter Toolbar


User Filters





Clear filters

The filters at the top of the screen allow you to display just the users you wish to assign.

  • Click a filter category to open its menu.
  • Click a menu item to apply it automatically.
  • Click other filter categories to further refine your results. Layering filter categories narrows the results you see.


Use Clear filters to remove your filter selections and restore the screen to all users. Clear filters is the only option for clearing individual or multiple filter selections.

User Search


Use the user search field to find individual user(s).

  • Enter any portion of a user's first or last name to find the user and then press Enter.
  • The system searches both the users' names and email addresses and returns results in the pane below.


Suite Assignment Pane


Suite Details (More details)


Suite Details window

Click More details to learn more about the suite before you assign it.




A suite details window opens when you click More details.

Hide Details

Click the HIDE DETAILS link at the top to close the details window.

Features included

  • The details window displays the features included in the suite and the scope of their data (in parentheses).
  • The scope of the report is displayed in parentheses.
    Observer - displays the selected observer's learner data.
    Sub-organization - displays the selected user's school or site level data.
    Organization - displays the selected user's district level (or other organization level) data.

Available dates

  • The available row displays the suite's start and end dates.

Enabled for

  • A listing of all schools and/or districts for which the suite is enabled. If your organization is not on the list, it is not available for you to assign.

 Suite Assignment 


Check boxes display for suite assignment to an individual user. 

  • Review the suite's details to understand the scope and offering by clicking More details.
  • Click the suite's check box in the user's row to assign the suite to the user. The suite is assigned automatically.
  • You may deselect the check box to unassign the suite.

All Users


Not Available

Click the ALL USERS check box to assign a suite to all displayed users in the Premium Product Access screen.

Note: The ALL USERS option provides all visible users with the defined access level. Please check the names first as some users may be assigned inappropriate access.


Not Available label in a user's row indicates the suite is not available to assign to the user. 

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