End of Year Summary & Data Export

The EOY Summary & Data Export allows administrators to track how many EOY evaluations have been completed to date, as well as access learners' end of year data in a downloadable CSV file. The report is provisioned to give administrators the appropriate access to either site-level or organization-level data.

An End of Year evaluation is considered complete when a final rating displays.


Helpful Hint: You can view the previous year's report by clicking the school year menu in the top right and choosing the year you wish to view.


Organization Level Data

The area at the top of the report provides data for the entire organization or site. District level administrators see aggregate data for the entire organization, while site-level administrators see aggregate data just for their site.

Organization EOY Profile

The organization boxes at the top display the total number of sub-organizations (sites), observers and learners in the organization. If you have a site-level view, the suborg field displays only your site, observers, and learners.

Click a box to view a list of suborgs (sites), observers, and learners included in the report.

Note: The items that display in the box are just listings. Clicking an item does not filter the displayed data.


Organization EOY Worksheet Completion

The large doughnut chart displays the breakdown of learners whose EOY evaluations are complete and incomplete. An End of Year evaluation is considered complete when a final rating displays.

Hover on a segment to display a popup of number of complete EOY evaluations  (green) or incomplete EOY evaluations (gray).


EOY Workseet Completions by Classification

The doughnut charts that sit below the Organization EOY Evaluations Overview chart display EOY evaluation completions by classification. A chart displays for each classification.

Hover on a segment to display a popup of number of complete EOY evaluations (purple) or incomplete EOY evaluations (gray).




Download CSV of Scores

You can download a CSV of learners' EOY evaluation data displayed in the Completions by Classification charts (above).

Any learner who is assigned an EOY evaluation classification appears in the CSV. Learners who have been assigned a classification of No end of year evaluation needed are excluded from the CSV.

  1. Click the link to start the download. The CSV may take a few moments to generate. Keep the file status window open until the download is complete.
  2. Click Close when the download is complete.
  3. Navigate to the location where your downloads are saved to open the file.


Helpful Hint: Districts that do not perform yearly end of year evaluations should ensure they've chosen the No end of year evaluation needed classification for learners who do not receive EOY evaluations in the current year. This prevents those users from appearing in the EOY Summary & Data Export CSV. Administrators can return to the Bulk User Management Tools to change user classification assignments. For more information, see EOY Reports - Assigning Learners' Classifications.

Viewing EOY Evaluations CSV files

The EOY Evaluations CSV file lists all learners' EOY evaluation data for a specific EOY classification. The data is sorted first by site and then by learner.

The CSV presents the learner's profile information; evaluator information; final score and rating; shared status and each of the learner's input ratings.

Note: If the learner was not evaluated on an input, those fields will be blank.


Helpful Hint: Indicator ratings do not display in the EOY Evaluations CSV, but you can access them in the learner's Snapshot. Administrators and EOY Evaluators can access the Snapshot by opening the EOY Worksheet and clicking the Snapshot name (see image below), which opens the Snapshot in a separate browser tab. EOY Evaluators can additionally navigate to the AE&R screen through the learner's profile.

Site-level (suborg) Data

Administrators who oversee EOY evaluations for multiple sites display bar charts for each site's EOY Worksheet completion below the main organization's data. Site-level administrators do not display this area.

The view is static - there are no areas to click.


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