How do I use EdReflect Support to find answers to my questions?

Use the EdReflect  Support website to find answers to questions you have about using observation tools; finding professional learning resources; and setting up accounts.

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EdReflect Support is divided into two main categories: Observations and Evaluations and Account Configuration.

Observations and Evaluations - articles about participating in all aspects of the observations process.

Account Configuration - articles to help system administrators set up user accounts and individual users to manage profiles and passwords.


Each category contains sections of articles, which are organized by process, task or feature.


Articles provide written or video instruction for using the software. 

Use the breadcrumb links above the title to navigate up to the section or category views.


The support site search uses a keyword search (not natural language).

Keyword - When you enter an individual keyword, the search tool looks for exact matches first in article titles and then body text.

  • Search returns matches for verb inflections and plurals.
    For example, if you search for artifact, then articles containing artifact and artifacts are returned. If you search for save, then articles containing save, saved and saves are returned.
  • Search does not return matches for word stems.
    For example, if you search for artifacts, search does not return results for articles containing artifact. If you search for sharing, search does not return results for articles containing share.

Phrases - When you enter multiple words in the search field, they are treated as a single search term. For example, if you enter save my goal, then only articles containing that exact phrase will be returned. Articles containing the bare words "save" or "goal" will not be returned. 

Tip - Remember that the majority of articles are intended for an audience of users from different states and districts, so searching for state or district‑specific terminology may not yield results.

Search in Category - When you start a search in a category page (the page that shows all of the sections in the category), the search engine restricts its search to the category. Searches started anywhere else (home page, section or article view) are global and look for matches in all of EdReflect Support's articles.

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