Creating a Multi-year Snapshot

Multi-year EOY Snapshots

By default, the AE&R screen displays all of the evidence and ratings that you've collected in the current school year. It also displays all of the year's shared evidence and ratings from the learner and any other observers. Please view the Special Notes section at the bottom of the article for additional information about sharing.

Accessing the Learner's AE&R

To create a Snapshot, access the learner's AE&R screen by navigating to the learner's E-Portfolio from his/her profile.

Filtering Evidence and Ratings for Snapshots 

You can filter the evidence and ratings included in the Snapshot to display just the data you wish to present in the Snapshot.

  1. Click the Change button to open the View Evidence & Ratings filtering dialog box. 
  2. To view a previous year's evidence and ratings, select the year to display its evidence and ratings activities in the View Evidence & Ratings dialog box. By default, the activities are deselected. Note: You may select multiple years. 


  1. Select and/or deselect the activities you wish to display or exclude in your Snapshot. You may need to scroll down to see all of the activities. 
  2. Click Apply at the bottom of the dialog box to view the filtered AE&R or click Cancel to exit filtering.

  1. Mark the appropriate ratings.
  2. Follow the steps to create the Snapshot.


Special Notes:

Snapshot data is not shown by default in the AE&R, but can be selected for display (see filtering options above). 

Unshared evidence and ratings from other observers and learners do not display in the Snapshot or AE&R screen. To view another observer's unshared evidence, you may open the activity directly to view the evidence and ratings or ask the other rater to click the step's Share option to share the rating data. Similarly, learners must share ratings to make the data visible to observers. Please note that clicking Share makes the step's data visible to all participants.

Only the selected rubric's data displays in the Snapshot. Learners who have switched rubrics may have evidence and ratings on multiple rubrics. Toggle to the other rubric to review evidence and ratings collected on it.

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