AR EOY Learner - End of Year Workflow


Review Goals and Progress

Complete the Reflection

End-of-Year Worksheet

TESS and LEADS End-of-Year Conference

Unlocking a Form

Supporting Documents


Completing the Summative Evaluation and the End of Year (EOY) Worksheet are the last steps of the learner’s annual evaluation process. Click Arkansas Evaluator and Learner - EOY Workflow Diagram to see a workflow diagram of the end-of-year process for users in Arkansas.


TESS and LEADS Summative / End-of-Year Conference

Once the EOY Evaluator schedules the conference, the learner can begin to complete the activities.

Review Goals and Progress

Open the Goals tab to review the goals you set in the PGP meeting and any progress made toward the goals. Click a goal to review its details. Remember, clicking a goal opens its details in a separate tab.



Complete the Reflection

Open the Learner Reflection (TESS) or Reflective Narrative (LEADS) tab to enter your responses to reflection questions. To complete the Reflection form:

  1. Click in a question field and enter your response. 
  2. To save your entry, just click outside of a form field box.
    Saved entries are made automatically visible to the evaluator.



  1. save draft buttonYou can also click Save Draft at the bottom of the form to save your entries. This action also locks the form.
  2. When you click Save Draft, you may need to click Edit your responses at the top of the form to unlock the form and make it editable. Click here to learn more about unlocking a saved form.

Not all learners are required to complete a Learner Reflection. Only learners in Track 2B1 and 2B2 are required to complete a Learner Reflection. Learner reflections are optional for learners in Tracks 1, 2A, and 3 who have scored "basic" or "unsatisfactory" during the year.



End-of-Year Worksheet

You receive a notification email when the EOY Evaluator shares the completed End-of-Year Worksheet. You may access the Worksheet by clicking the End of Year Evaluation tab at the top of your dashboard or the Visit worksheet link in the End of Year Evaluation notification pane that displays above your goal notes.


Learners have a read-only view of the entire worksheet, which displays all of the evaluation component ratings and the final, calculated EOY rating.



TESS and LEADS End-of-Year Conference

You will meet with your EOY Evaluator to review the rating results and mark complete any completed goals.



Unlocking a Form

If you need to edit your form text after clicking Save draft, you may need to unlock your form.

  1. Edit your responses linkClick Edit your responses at the top of the form (across from the form title). 
  2. Modify your text.
  3. Save your edits by either clicking outside the field or clicking the Save draft button again.



Supporting Documents (optional)

You may wish to upload additional supporting documents to illustrate your progress toward the goals you defined. This activity is optional and available only if your evaluator schedules the Additional Artifacts activity. 

Additional Artifacts activity: If you would like to tag evidence and comment on uploaded documents, use the Additional Artifacts activity in the Activities tab of your E‑Portfolio. EOY Evaluators can view the tagged evidence and comments in the AE&R screen when they rate.

  • The Additional Artifacts activity resides outside the meeting activity, so you may need to direct your EOY Evaluator to the documents or show them in your meeting.

Helpful Hint: This step is available only if your evaluator schedules the Additional Artifacts activity. If you don't see the activity, you may want to contact your evaluator.



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