EOY Evaluators: Using the EOY Worksheet

Remember that different states and districts have different EOY evaluation processes. The information presented below reflects a range of inputs and processes, some of which your district may not use. While your view and the selections available to you will likely vary from those shown below, the basic actions of reviewing, selecting, assigning and modifying will be consistent across organizations.

Accessing the Learner's EOY Worksheet

The learner's EOY evaluation worksheet provides access to all of the inputs (tasks) required for the learner's EOY evaluation. To learn more about accessing the EOY Worksheet, see EOY Evaluators: EOY Tasks Overview.

Using the Learner's EOY Worksheet

Summary Area

The Summary Area sits at the top of the EOY Worksheet and displays a read-only view of the learner's individual input ratings and the final rating. A final rating is not displayed until all EOY inputs are completed. 

Worksheet Summary 
(completed worksheet with a single input rating)
Worksheet Summary 
(incomplete worksheet with 4 rating inputs)
Share EOY Worksheet

Click the Share button to provide read-only access of the entire worksheet to the learner at any time. The learner receives an email  notifying him/her that the data is shared.

Unshare EOY Worksheet

Unshare a shared worksheet by clicking the Unshare this worksheet link.


Click here or scroll to the bottom for information about print options.

Input type - Snapshots

Districts or states that use snapshot ratings in EOY evaluations can view the input's rating and access the snapshot tool from the worksheet. Snapshots are created and managed in the AE&R tab of the learner's E-Portfolio.

Follow the directions below to create a new snapshot or attach an existing snapshot in the EOY worksheet.

Create a New Snapshot

  1. Click the Create a new one link to open the AE&R screen.

  1. When the AE&R screen opens, follow the steps to create a new rating snapshot.
    See Creating and Using Snapshots in AE&R to learn how to create a snapshot.
  2. After you create the snapshot, click the browser's back button to return to the worksheet.
  3. Click the Attach an existing one link to attach the snapshot you just created.

  1. Select the snapshot in the list and then click Attach this snapshot.

Attach an Existing Snapshot

  1. Click Attach an existing one to open a window of rating snapshots you've already created.
  1. Select the snapshot you wish to attach and use for the EOY evaluation and then click Attach this snapshot.

Helpful Hint: Only Snapshots created from aggregate ratings are calculated. Aggregate ratings fill the whole rectangle and display the evaluator's initials.  

Modify a Selected Snapshot

To change an EOY snapshot rating, you must create or attach a new snapshot.

  1. Click the create or choose a new snapshot link.
  2. Follow the directions above to create and/or attach a new snapshot to the EOY evaluation.

View Indicator-level ratings

Hover on a Domain rating to display the indicator ratings that contribute to the domain rating.

Input type - SLOs/MSLs

Districts or states that use SLOs or MSLs in EOY evaluations can view the input's rating and access the SLO/MSL tool from the worksheet. SLOs and MSLs are created and managed in the learner's Goal Planning page.

A notification displays if MSLs/SLOS have not been created, submitted, or approved. A notification also displays if the EOY evaluator has rated an MSL/SLO, but has not clicked the Submit Final Ratings button at the bottom of the form.

The table below explains the SLO/MSL statuses and possible next steps. 

Working with SLO/MSL Ratings and
Understanding Ratings States

SLOs/MSLs not created/submitted

Click Visit SLO page to open the learner's SLO page. Only the learner can create and submit SLOs. Contact the learner to create and/or submit the SLOs/MSLs. Note: This message will also appear if the SLOs/MSLs were unlocked for editing at some point.

SLOs/MSLs not approved

Click Visit SLO page to open the learner's SLO page. Approve the SLOs/MSLs, if appropriate. If changes are needed, contact the learner to modify the SLOs.

Remember to click Approve SLO at the bottom of the SLO/MSL form.

Approved SLOs/MSLs - Ratings Needed

Click the Rate SLO/MSL link to open the learner's SLO page. You are taken to the SLO's rating area so you can rate it.

Remember to click Submit Final Ratings at the bottom of the SLO/MSL form.

Rated SLOs/MSLs - Final Rating not Submitted

Click the Visit SLO/MSL link to open the learner's SLO page. You are taken to the SLO's rating area.

Scroll to the bottom and click Submit Final Ratings to finalize the ratings.

Rated SLOs/MSLs - Change Rating

Click the Change Rating link to open the learner's SLO/MSL page. You are taken to the SLO's rating area.

Click Edit final ratings at the bottom of the SLO/MSL form to edit your ratings.

When you finish editing, remember to click Submit Final Ratings to finalize the ratings.


Deleting unrated or unused SLOs/MSLs 
A final SLO/MSL rating displays when all SLOs/MSLs and their objectives/measures are completed and rated. An incomplete or unscored SLO/MSL will prevent a final rating from displaying. If an SLO or MSL will not be used in the EOY final evaluation, it must be deleted by the learner. To learn how to delete an SLO/MSL or an individual measure, see Adding and Managing SLOs or Adding Measures of Student Learning.

Input type - Rating Forms

Some district's and state's EOY worksheets display ratings forms that permit on-page rating. 

  1. Click Select to choose a proficiency level rating for the evaluation component.
  2. To change a rating, click a different rating's Select button or click Deselect to clear the current selection.

Print Worksheet

Click the printer icon to print the learner's EOY Worksheet.

Additional space is provided at the bottom of the last page for states and districts that require signatures.

If you want to print multiple learners' worksheets, use the print option in EOY Tasks. See the EOY Evaluators: EOY Tasks Overview article for more information.

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