EOY Evaluators: EOY Tasks Overview

Remember that different states and districts have different EOY evaluation processes. The information presented below reflects a range of inputs and processes, some of which your district may not use. While your view and the selections available to you will likely vary from those shown below, the basic actions of reviewing, selecting, assigning and modifying will be consistent across organizations.

Accessing EOY Tasks

The End of Year evaluation inputs that determine a learners' EOY ratings are presented as EOY tasks, which can be accessed from the End of Year Tasks tab on your dashboard.

Learners and their other observers (not EOY Evaluator), can access the individual user's worksheet from the learner dashboard by clicking Visit worksheet in his/her End of Year Evaluation pane, which displays above Goals.



EOY Tasks Screen Overview

The EOY Tasks Screen displays all of the EOY Evaluator's learners and the inputs/tasks needed to complete their EOY evaluations. Learners are grouped by their classifications, so if you have learners with different classifications, they display in separate tables.

Collapse/ Expand

Collapse and expand sections of the EOY Tasks screen by clicking the button to the left of the section.

Learners without classifications

Click the View Learners without classifications link to display a read-only list of assigned EOY learners who do not yet have a classification assigned.


You may wish to contact your school or district's Org Admin to resolve learner assignments.

tasks table

Learners and the tasks needed to complete their EOY evaluations display in a table. 

  • Completed tasks display a check mark.
  • Final EOY ratings or their status display in the last column.
  • Click anywhere in a learner's row to open the worksheet to complete his/her tasks. 


Printing Multiple Learners' Worksheets

You can print multiple learner's worksheets from the End of Year Tasks tab.

  1. Click the printer icon in the upper right to open a print dialog box.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, select the learners whose EOY Worksheets you wish to print. Use select all to choose all learners in a specification.
  3. Click Generate PDF in the lower right.
  4. The PDF opens in a separate tab. Use the standard PDF print options to print the worksheets you've selected.

Helpful Hint: PDFs take a few moments to generate. If you choose to print many users at once, it may take several minutes to generate the PDF. Keep the tab open until you have finished printing. Closing the tab terminates the printing process.


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