CO EOY Evaluator - End of Year Workflow


Completing the Worksheet
Opening the End-of-Year Worksheet
Rating the MSL Component
Rating the Professional Practices

Completing the Summative Review
Completing the Summative Review
Review Documents, Evidence and Ratings
Review Assessment Results (MSLs)
Meet with Learner - Summative Review


Completing the EOY Worksheet and the narrative Summative Review are the last steps of the evaluation process. Click CO Evaluator and Learner - EOY Workflow Diagram to see workflow diagrams of the end-of-year process in Colorado. 

The information that is used to inform summative ratings - such as evidence from observations and documents and the requirements in the EOY Worksheet - rated MSLs and a Snapshot - are consistent across Colorado. 

Additional narrative feedback may be provided through a Summative Review, which varies according to district requirements.

Opening the End-of-Year Worksheet

  1. Click the End of Year Tasks tab on your dashboard to open the EOY Tasks page.

  1. The learners you are responsible for evaluating and their EOY rating tasks display in a table. To open a learner's End-of-Year worksheet, click anywhere in the learner's row.


Helpful Hint: If it is present, click the View Learners without classifications link above the table to see a list of your assigned learners who do not have a classification yet. If you have unassigned learners, contact your organization's administrator of BloomBoard for assistance. 

To learn more about using the EOY Tasks page, see EOY Evaluators: EOY Tasks Overview.

Rating the MSL Component

MSLs are created and managed in the learner's Goal Planning page, but you can access them directly from the EOY Worksheet. If the learner's MSL(s) are already rated, those ratings are calculated and display on the worksheet - skip ahead to attach a Snapshot.

If MSLs have not been created, submitted, or approved, a notification explains where you are in the process. See Using the Learner's EOY Worksheet to learn more about MSL notifications. 

To rate or change the rating of MSL(s):

  1. Click either Rate MSL or Change Rating to open the learner's MSL page.
  2. Rate or change the ratings of MSLs as needed.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Submit Final Ratings.
  4. Click your browser's back button to return to the EOY Worksheet.

The rating is applied and calculated immediately. 

For more detailed directions on rating MSLs, see our article Rating MSLs

Helpful Hint: A final MSL rating displays only when all MSLs are complete and rated. An incomplete or unrated MSL will prevent a final rating from displaying. MSLs that are not used in the final EOY evaluation must be deleted by the learner.

Rating the Professional Practices

Attach a Snapshot to instantly calculate the overall Professional Practices score. In the EOY Worksheet there are links to create a new Snapshot or attach an existing one.

To create a new Snapshot:

  1. Click Create a new one to open the AE&R screen in a new tab
  2. When the AE&R tab opens, apply ratings and create a new Snapshot.
    See Creating and Using Snapshots for more detailed directions.
  3. Once you have created the Snapshot, click the browser's back button to return to the EOY Worksheet.
  4. Click the Attach an existing one link to attach the Snapshot you just created.
  5. Select the Snapshot in the list and then click Attach this Snapshot.

The rating is applied and calculated immediately.

To attach an existing Snapshot:

  1. Click Attach an existing one to open a window of Snapshots that you have already created for the learner.
  2. Select the Snapshot you wish to use for the EOY evaluation, and then click Attach this snapshot

The rating is applied and calculated immediately. 

Helpful Hints:

Only Snapshots created from aggregate ratings are calculated. Aggregate ratings fill the whole rectangle and display the evaluator's initials.

You may see aggregate ratings, marked by a blue bubble and your initials, from previous years. You may change an aggregate rating by clicking a different rating bubble, remove the rating by clicking on it, or do nothing if you wish to maintain the rating.

If you wish to change the Teacher Effectiveness snapshot rating, you must create or attach a new snapshot by clicking one of the options that displays under the ratings.  

Completing the Summative Review

If your district process includes narrative feedback, schedule the Summative Review for the learner and complete the steps listed. Each district has chosen whether or not to use steps such as a feedback form and Goal Review.

Review Documents, Evidence and Ratings

Review supplemental documents uploaded by the learner, which may be found in the Artifacts for Review that you scheduled at the beginning of the year. If the learner uploaded supplemental documents and tagged them to the rubric, you will also see that evidence in Aggregated Evidence & Ratings. 

Open the learner's Aggregated Evidence & Ratings screen to review his/her ratings and evidence collected throughout the year. You can access the learner's AE&R screen by navigating through the e-portfolio on his/her profile or through the EOY Worksheet itself. Use this yearlong collection of evidence, ratings and feedback to inform and adjust summative ratings.

Helpful Hint: An EOY Snapshot is required for the EOY Worksheet. Create it while you review this evidence, then simply attach it in the EOY Worksheet later. Otherwise, there is a link in the worksheet so that you can return here to create a final Snapshot.

For more information on AE&R, see the articles in our E‑Portfolio section.

Review Assessment Results (MSLs)

Navigate to the learner's Goal Planning page to review the MSLs.  A learner's MSLs must be submitted and approved in order to be rated.

Rate the MSL(s) here and verify your rating in the EOY Worksheet. For additional directions on rating MSLs, see Rating MSLs.

Meet with Learner - Summative Review

Review the evaluation components that demonstrate the learner's performance and growth during the school year, such as AE&R, the Goals page, and other sources of information. Record your narrative feedback for the learner in the feedback form used in your district or organization, if applicable.

If needed, you can revise your ratings following the meeting by creating and attaching a new Snapshot to the EOY Worksheet. If you would like to provide tangible next steps in suggested focus areas, identify free resources in the Resource Library and recommend them.



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