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End of Year Conference

Reviewing a Learner's Goals
Reviewing the Reflection
Reviewing Additional Artifacts (optional)
Reviewing the Learner's Ratings
Summative Conference Meeting

End-of-Year Worksheet

Accessing End-of-Year Tasks
Completing a Snapshot Rating
Sharing the EOY Worksheet

TESS and LEADS Summative Conference

Marking Goals Achieved
Taking Notes
Closing the Meeting


Completing the Summative Evaluation/End of Year meeting steps and the EOY Worksheet are the last steps of the learner’s annual evaluation process. Click Arkansas Evaluator and Learner - EOY Workflow Diagram to see a workflow diagram of the end-of-year process for users in Arkansas.


TESS and LEADS End of Year Conference



Scheduling the Summative / End of Year Conference gives the learner access to the conference where he/she completes the activities of reviewing goals and progress, and for some, completing the self-reflection.


Reviewing a Learner's Goals

Open the Goals tab to review the goals the learner set in the PGP meeting and any progress made toward the goals. Click a goal to review its details. Remember, clicking a goal opens its details in a separate tab.



Reviewing the Reflection

Open the Learner Reflection (TESS) or Reflective Narrative (LEADS) tab to view the learner's responses to reflection questions.

Not all learners are required to complete a Learner Reflection. Only learners in Track 2B1, 2B2 and 2B3 are required to complete a Learner Reflection. Learner reflections are optional for learners in Tracks 1, 2A, and 3 who have scored "basic" or "unsatisfactory" during the year.



Reviewing a Learner's Additional Artifacts (Optional)

If learners wish to share supporting artifacts with their evaluators, observers must first schedule an Additional Artifacts activity. The Summative / End of Year Conference activity does not provide a step for sharing artifacts. 

If observers have already scheduled an Additional Artifacts activity earlier in the year, learners can use that activity to upload supporting documents or other artifacts for the Summative/End ofY ear Conference. 

Additional Artifacts activity - If the learner uploads to the Additional Artifacts activity, he/she can tag and comment the uploaded artifacts. These tags and comments display as evidence in the AE&R activity (below) and can be viewed within the activity itself.


Helpful Hint: You can schedule activities, like the Additional Artifacts activity, for multiple learners at once by using the bulk scheduling option. See Scheduling Activities for Multiple Learners to learn how to use the tool.



Reviewing the Learner's Ratings in AE&R

Go to the learner's profile and navigate to the E-Portolfio to view his/her ratings and evidence in Aggregated Evidence and Ratings.

For more information on using AE&R, see the articles in the E‑Portfolio section of Support.



Helpful Hint: If you would like to keep the Summative Conference window open while you view the AE&R screen, from the Summative Conference, right click (or ctrl-click on Macs) the Activities tab in the upper left. Click Open link in new tab to open your dashboard in a new tab. From the dashboard tab, click on the learner's profile picture and navigate to the E‑Portfolio to view the learner's AE&R screen.



Summative / End of Year Conference Meeting

Before you hold the meeting, complete the EOY Worksheet Tasks (below) and share the results with the learner.



End-of-Year Worksheet

The End-of-Year evaluation inputs that determine a learner's EOY rating are presented in the End-of-Year worksheet as tasks. The rating you enter here is used to calculate the overall score for the learner.

Accessing a Learner's End-of-Year Tasks

  1. Click the End of Year Tasks tab on your dashboard to open the EOY Tasks page.

  1. Learners and their EOY rating tasks display in a table. To open a learner's End-of-Year worksheet, click anywhere in the learner's row.
    To learn more about using the EOY Tasks page, see EOY Evaluators: EOY Tasks Overview.



When the learner's End of Year worksheet opens, a ratings summary displays at top. This summary displays a real-time view of any applied ratings. A final rating is not displayed until all EOY inputs are completed.




Completing a Snapshot Rating

If you have created a summative rating Snapshot already, you can attach it in the EOY Worksheet. You may also create a new Snapshot within the worksheet.

Please note that for TESS tracks 2B1, 2B2 and 2B3 the EOY Evaluator only needs to rate on components aligned with PGP goals.

Create a new Snapshot

  1. Click Create a new one to open the AE&R screen.
  2. When the AE&R screen opens, follow the steps to create a new rating Snapshot.
    See Creating and Using Snapshots in AE&R for directions on creating a Snapshot.
  3. When you have finished the Snapshot, click the browser's back button to return to the worksheet.
  4. Click the Attach an existing one link to attach the Snapshot you just created.
  5. Select the Snapshot from the list and then click Attach this snapshot.

The rating is applied and calculated immediately.

Attach an existing Snapshot

  1. Click Attach an existing one to open a window of rating Snapshots you've already created.
  2. Select the Snapshot you wish to attach and use for the EOY evaluation and then click Attach this snapshot.

The rating is applied and calculated immediately.



Helpful Hints:

  • Only Snapshots created from aggregate ratings are calculated. Aggregate ratings fill the whole rectangle and display the evaluator's initials.
  • You may see aggregate ratings, marked by a blue bubble and your initials, from previous years. You may change an aggregate rating by clicking a different rating bubble, remove the rating by clicking on it, or do nothing if you wish to maintain the rating.
  • If you wish to change the Teacher Effectiveness snapshot rating, you must create or attach a new snapshot by clicking one of the options that displays under the ratings.  



Sharing the EOY Worksheet with the Learner

You may click the Share button at any time to give the learner read-only access to the entire worksheet. The system sends an email to the learner notifying him/her that the data is shared.

Once shared, you may unshare the worksheet by clicking the Unshare this input sheet link.




TESS and LEADS Summative / End of Year Conference 

In the meeting, use the results and data of the activities conducted above to review and discuss the learner's progress toward goals, share your ratings, and document any meeting notes.

Marking Goals Achieved

From the Goals tab of the meeting template, open the details of goals that the learner identifies as achieved. In the details screen, click the Mark as Achieved & Archive button to close the goals. Goals that have not been identified as achieved by the learner should remain open.

Helpful Hint: An achieved goal is marked Done and archived. It is removed from the learner's dashboard and Goal Planning page. It can be accessed after archiving, but not restored. For more information about completing goals, see Marking a Goal Achieved.



Taking Notes

Use the Summative / End of year tab to record all meeting notes.



Closing the Meeting

When all the rating entries are complete and tasks in the EOY Worksheet and meeting template finished, close the meeting by clicking the Close button.  



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