Learners EOY Evaluation: EOY Worksheet

Learners can access a read-only view of the EOY Worksheet when their evaluator shares the worksheet. After sharing the EOY worksheet, an email is sent to the learner, advising him/her that the data is available for viewing.

Accessing the EOY Worksheet

Learners can access the EOY Worksheet, when available, from the End of Year Evaluation tab on the dashboard. The EOY Worksheet is only visible once it's shared by the observer.

Reviewing the EOY Worksheet

Learners can review the worksheet inputs. EOY evaluators can share the worksheet at any time, so the final ratings may not yet be visible.

Reviewing SLOs/MSLs

If your state or district rates SLOs/MSLs, all measures must be submitted, approved and rated in order to display a final rating. If your EOY evaluator shares an in-progress worksheet, you may see the following incomplete statuses display when you view the worksheet. 

SLOs/MSLs not created/submitted

Open your SLOs/MSLs to create and/or submit them for approval. To learn more about creating and submitting SLOs, see Adding and Managing SLOs or Adding and Managing Measures of Student Learning.

SLOs/MSLs not approved

If needed, contact the EOY evaluator to approve the SLO/MSL.

Approved SLOs/MSLs - Ratings Needed

If needed, contact the EOY evaluator to rate the SLO/MSL.

Deleting unrated or unused SLOs/MSLs 
A final SLO/MSL rating displays when all SLOs/MSLs and their objectives/measures are completed and rated. An incomplete or unscored SLO/MSL will prevent a final rating from displaying. If an SLO or MSL will not be used in the EOY final evaluation, it should be deleted by the learner.

To learn how to delete an SLO/MSL or an individual measure, see Adding and Managing SLOs or Adding Measures of Student Learning.

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