EOY Reporting - Modifying Learners' Evaluator Assignments


Choosing an EOY Evaluator

Changing a Learner's EOY Evaluator


You can change a learner’s existing EOY evaluator assignment in the View and modify existing learner assignments pane below the unassigned learners selection pane. You first choose the learner's EOY Evaluator and then make a new assignment.



Choosing an EOY Evaluator

Assigned learners are grouped by their EOY evaluator. Choose an evaluator to display his/her assigned learners, and then change the learners' assignments.

  1. In the Select an evaluator field, choose an EOY evaluator to display his/her assigned learners. 
  2. You can also choose to view the assigned learners of All evaluators or Evaluators who have started ratings

Changing a Learner's EOY Evaluator

In the End of year assignments pane, the learners of the selected evaluator display on the left and their EOY evaluator assignment fields display on the right. 

The filters above the assignments pane allow you to refine the list of learners you display. Alternately, you can use the search field to find a specific learner. For more information on using filters, see EOY Reports - Using Filters.

  1. To change a learner assignment, open the learner's EOY evaluator field and select a different evaluator. You can also choose to remove the EOY evaluator assignment.
  2. If a learner has only one observer, that is the only name that displays. To add an EOY evaluator's name to the menu, you must first set up a learner-observer relationship. See Managing Observer Learner Relationships for instructions.

New assignments are made immediately and the learner's name is removed from the View and modify existing learner assignments pane.

A lock symbol on a learner's profile indicates the learner's evaluation has started. When you select a locked user, a warning displays which advises you that when you change the learner's existing EOY evaluator, all completed or in‑progress EOY evaluation data for the learner will be transferred to the new EOY evaluator.

Click the Yes, I want to change this evaluator link in the notification to continue changing the EOY evaluator.

The user's name is selected for modification.

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