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Assigning Classifications with Bulk User Management Tools

Accessing EOY Classifications

Selecting Users

Assigning Selected Users to a Classification


Assigning Classifications with Bulk User Management Tools

Learners must be assigned a classification and an EOY evaluator in order to receive a final rating. This article walks through the process of assigning EOY classifications to learners.  For instructions on assigning EOY evaluators, see EOY Reporting - Assigning Evaluators to Learners.

Classifications are related to user roles and they determine which EOY evaluation components are used for the learner and how those components are weighted. When you assign a learner classification, you ensure the learner receives the appropriate EOY evaluation. To be efficient, you can select multiple users and assign them to a classification in bulk.

Accessing EOY Classifications

  1. From the User Management screen, click Manage and create users in bulk to open the bulk user management tools.
  2. From the Update Existing Users tab, select end of year classifications from the I'm Updating field.

Users who do not have an assigned end of year classification display in the unassigned learners selection pane.


Selecting Users

  1. Click individual users to select them. Your selections accumulate as you click. You do not need to press a key (Ctrl, Shift or CMD) to make multiple selections. 
  2. Alternately, use Select all to choose all users on the list. 
  3. To deselect a user, click the user again or click Deselect All to clear all selections.

Filtering the Unassigned Learners Selection Pane

If you need to assign the same classification to all or most learners with the same characteristics, you can filter the list of learners to assign a classification to multiple learners at the same time.

The rubric filter may be particularly beneficial because, like classifications, rubrics are related to user roles, and there is likely a strong overlap in users assigned to rubrics and classifications. Filter the list of displayed unassigned learners by Rubric(s) by using the Rubrics filter above the learners list. You may also filter by School and Subjects/Grades.

  1. Choose the appropriate rubric from the menu.
  2. Click Close. Filters apply automatically.

Filters can be layered to refine your list to the users you want to see. For more detailed instructions on using filters, see EOY Reports - Using Filters.

You can also use the Search for any learner field to find a specific user.

Assigning Selected Users to a Classification

  1. Once you have selected the users you wish to assign, click the select the appropriate classification field below the selection pane to display a menu of classification options.
  2. Choose a classification for the learner. Use the no evaluation option for users who will not receive an EOY evaluation.
  3. Click Save to complete the assignment. 

Assigned learners are removed from the unassigned learners selection pane immediately.

Helpful Hint: If you have users who will not receive an EOY evaluation this year, select no evaluation. Assigning no evaluation properly identifies the user's evaluation status; clears the user from the unassigned learners selection pane; and prevents the learner from appearing in any unassigned learners messages to the observer.



If you need to modify classification assignments for your learners, see EOY Reporting - Modifying Learners' Classifications for instructions.



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