How do I work with goals (sticky notes)?

The links below provide general instructions for working with the goal items that display as sticky notes on the learner's home page. Remember that district and school processes vary. Learners in districts that set goals in the Student Learning Objectives or Measures of Student Learning tools should see the Student Learning Objectives help section or Adding and Managing Measures of Student Learning article.

Access Goals and the Goal Planning Page

If your district's goal-setting process starts with a conference or meeting, you can use the activity link to access your goals, or you can begin by clicking the Ready to plan your goals or SLOs sticky note at the bottom of the learner dashboard.

Learner: View Setting Goals for information about accessing goals

Observer: Learn how to access a learner's goals

Create Goals

Learner: Click here to learn how to create goals

Edit, Inactivate and Delete Goals 

Learner: Click here for directions on editing goals

Learner: Click here for directions on inactivating and deleting goals

Mark a Goal Complete

Observer: Click here to learn how to mark a goal complete

Add Progress Posts to Goals

Use the Goal Progress Area at the bottom of your goal details page to add supports like professional learning resources and to document progress toward your goals.

Learner: Click here to learn about the Goal Progress area

Goals Help Section on the Support Site

Most of the articles above, plus some support videos, are compiled in a help section devoted to goals (sticky notes).

Click here to go to the Goals Help section


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