Org Admin: End of Year Assignments (FAQs)

You can find directions for performing all the tasks related to end of year account configuration in the support articles below:

Org Admin Step 1: Assigning Learners' Classifications

Org Admin Step 2: Assigning Evaluators to Learners

Org Admin: Modifying Learners' Evaluator Assignments

Org Admin: Modifying Learners' Classifications

EOY Reports - Using Filters

Review commonly asked questions below:

Why do I need to assign my learners an EOY evaluator and classification?

The classification determines how the learner is rated. The EOY evaluator assignment determines who will rate the learner. Each learner needs both a classification and an EOY evaluator assigned to them so the proper EOY evaluation will be conducted and the correct person will be responsible for entering those ratings.

Does it matter whether I assign classification or EOY evaluators first?

No. You can assign the classification and EOY evaluator to learners in either order. (Note: If you assign a learner to the “No evaluation needed” classification, the learner cannot be assigned an EOY evaluator because they won’t need one.)

I accidentally assigned a learner to the wrong EOY evaluator. How can I change the EOY evaluator assignment for a learner?

You can reassign the learner to a different EOY evaluator in the View and modify existing evaluator assignments pane. Don’t worry – any work that has been started on the EOY worksheet will transfer to the new EOY evaluator. The new EOY evaluator can pick up right where the first EOY evaluator left off and continue adding and editing the inputs on the learner’s EOY worksheet.

I accidentally assigned a learner to the wrong classification.

How can I change the classification assignment for the learner? You can reassign the learner to a different classification. Be careful! Please be aware that any work that has been started on the learner’s EOY worksheet will be discarded and cannot be retrieved after the classification is changed. (Snapshots and SLO ratings will remain and can be reused on the new EOY worksheet. All observations and meetings will remain unchanged.)

My observers have already scheduled summative meetings for their learners, will it affect those meetings when I assign classifications and EOY evaluators?

No. All activities that are scheduled on the observer dashboard are separate from the EOY process and will not be affected by the assignment of classifications and EOY evaluators.

Our teachers have multiple observers who will rate a teacher for EOY. How can I assign multiple EOY evaluators to a learner?

Each learner can only have one EOY evaluator assigned to them. The EOY evaluator can use the evidence and ratings collected by the other observers throughout the year that is shown in the AE&R tab of the learner’s E-Portfolio to determine the ratings for the learner’s Snapshot. (Observers who have access to the learner’s dashboard can also access the learner’s EOY worksheet after the EOY evaluator has shared it.)

I don’t see the right person’s name as an option to assign as an EOY evaluator for a learner. Why not?

Only observers who have a learner-observer relationship with the learner will be listed as options to assign as an EOY evaluator for that learner. If an observer’s name is missing from the list, you must first create an observer-learner relationship and then add the observer as the learner’s EOY evaluator.





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