EOY Reports - Using Filters

Use the filters at the top of any selection or assignment pane to refine your list to the learners you wish to configure for EOY assignments.

  1. Open a Filter By category above the learners pane. 
  2. Select the appropriate filter option(s) from the menu and then click Close in the upper right. Filters apply automatically.

When you choose multiple options from the same filter category, the system displays results from each of your selected criteria. For example, if you choose schools A, B and C, unassigned learners from each of those schools will display.

  1. You may layer filters from other categories. When you add filters from other categories, those filters narrow the displayed results, and you should see fewer results.

For example, if you add grade 4 to your schools filter above, only learners associated with grade 4 will display from schools A, B, and C.

  1. To deselect a filter in a category (like Rubrics), click it again. You can also click Clear all at the top of the filter menu to deselect all of your choices.
  2. To clear all filters you've applied across categories, click Clear filters to the right of the filter categories. 


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