Adding BloomList To-Do Items

The BloomList on the home page is the place to create To-Do items that are practice or classroom-related, but not specific to a goal you’ve created. Actions or items specific to a goal should be attached directly to the goal in the Goal Progress area.

Use the BloomList to list items like conducting peer observations, attending workshops, classroom activities, or any item you feel is relevant to your practice.

  1. From the home page, click Create a new item on the BloomList.



  1. Complete the fields. The I will field is required.
  2. Select how often you will perform the item or choose a due date, if desired.
    If you choose Multiple Times, additional fields display to choose the number of times and/or frequency.
  3. Click Create to save your BloomList item or Cancel to exit.



BloomList items are ordered chronologically. Items with due dates are listed first, from earliest to latest, followed by unscheduled items which are arranged in the order they were created.



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