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Accessing EOY Evaluator Assignments

Auto Assigning Solo EOY Evaluators

Individually Assigning EOY Evaluators

Assigning Evaluators to Learners with a Bulk Upload

Upload Errors


Assigning EOY Evaluators with Bulk User Management Tools

Learners must be assigned to an EOY evaluator in order to be included in EOY evaluations. Here are some other important points to remember before starting assignments:

  • Learners must first have an observer-learner relationship with the intended EOY evaluator in the observation platform in order to assign an evaluator to the learner.
  • Learners can be assigned only one EOY evaluator. If a learner has multiple observers, only one can be given access to the EOY Worksheet.

Accessing EOY Evaluator Assignments

  1. From the User Management screen, click Manage and create users in bulk to open the bulk assignment tools.
  2. From the Update Existing Users tab, select end of year evaluator assignments from the I'm Updating field.


Users who do not have an end of year evaluator assignment display in the unassigned learners selection pane.




Auto Assigning Solo EOY Evaluators (learners with one observer)


You can auto-assign EOY evaluator(s) to learners with only one observer by clicking the Auto-Assign Solo Observers button below the unassigned learners pane.

Auto-Assign assigns all unassigned learners with only one observer to their respective solo observers.



Individually Assigning EOY Evaluators (learners with multiple observers)


For learners with multiple observers, you can assign an EOY evaluator in the selection pane by clicking Select an evaluator and choosing the appropriate name. Assignments made here save automatically, so once you assign an EOY evaluator the learner is removed from the selection pane. 



Helpful Hint: Use the Search field in the top right to find a specific learner.  You can also use the filters at the top of the selection pane to refine your list. For instructions on using filters, see EOY Reports - Using Filters.



Assigning Evaluators to Learners with a Bulk Upload (learners with no observer or multiple observers)


You can easily assign EOY evaluators to multiple learners by uploading a .csv, .xls or .xlsx file (comma separated values or spreadsheet) of unassigned learners. The following conditions must be true in order to use bulk upload:

  • Only learners without an EOY evaluator assignment can be included in the .csv (or .xlsx/.xls) and assigned an evaluator.
  • The learner and intended evaluator must have a learner-observer relationship established in advance. For instructions on managing learner-observer relationships, see Managing Obsever Learner Relationships.

Creating the .csv (.xlsx or .xls)

Prior to the bulk upload, you must create a .csv, .xlsx or .xls file that includes user data the system needs to assign EOY evaluators to learner accounts. Data must be entered in the proper fields and in the proper format to successfully assign. 

  1. Click the Download unassigned learners link to download a spreadsheet of all unassigned learners. The file contains only the fields needed for an EOY evaluator assignment.

  1. You may remove the records of users you do not wish to assign at this time by deleting the users' names or rows from the spreadsheet.
  2. Enter the EOY evaluators' emails in the email fields. 

Uploading the .csv (.xlsx or .xls)

  1. Click the Upload Evaluator Assignments button to open an uploading tool, which guides you through the process of uploading learners' evaluator assignments.
  2. In the dialog box, click Select evaluator assignments file to upload to start the upload process.

  1. Navigate to and select your upload file.
    If you did not prepare your file in advance, you can click the downloadable list of learners link to open a spreadsheet populated with your unassigned learners.
  2. If you want to remove the file, click Remove. It’s easy to upload again!
  3. Click Upload.

Upload errors

A confirmation displays your assignment status and the number of assignments successfully completed. If there are any errors in the data, or if learners in the data sheet already have an evaluator assignment, the system provides a link to an error report.

  1. Click the link in the error message to download an error report, which displays the errors that prevented learners' assignments.
  2. You can correct the errors directly on the error report and reuse it again in the upload process.


If you need to modify classification assignments for your learners, see EOY Reporting - Modifying Learners' Evaluator Assignments for instructions.

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