Video: Overview of BloomList and Goal Progress Area

Use the  BloomList on the home page and the Goal Progress area in the Goal Details screen to help you track your progress  and achieve your goals. This short video provides an overview to help you become acquainted with the features.


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This video gives you an overview of using the BloomList and the Goal Progress area to help you track and achieve your goals.

BloomBoard centers educators’ goal work in one place; allowing learners to map, track and support their growth in a focused and productive way.

00:22 Use the Goal Progress area at the bottom of your goal details screen to attach goal-specific notes, reflections, activities, websites or resources to your goal.

These items are called posts.

Use the BloomList on the home page to track independent To Do items that are practice or classroom-related, but not specific to a goal you’ve created.

00:49 Let's take a closer look at the BloomList on the home page.

The BloomList allows you to create to do items that are not specific to your stated goals.

You might enter to dos related to daily practice, upcoming events, or tasks and meetings related to initiatives.

Just remember that goal-related entries should be made and consolidated in the goal itself.

We’ll look at that in a moment.

01:20 When you open a BloomList item, you can answer reflection questions.

Enter as much detail as you feel is relevant.

When you mark a BloomList items complete, it’s archived in an area you easily access.

01:37 Now, let's look at the Goal Progress area.

The Goal Progress area gives you additional space and options to extend planning and thinking around your goal.

You can use the free-form text area to post narrative reflections, planning notes or other goal-related thinking.

You can attach Marketplace resources you’ve selected to help support your goal.

02:09 You can attach links to websites you use.

You can also open the Marketplace to explore available resources related to your goal.

Resources you select and attach from the Goal Progress area display as posts.

Now, let's look at creating new Goal Progress posts.

02:34 This goal has no posts yet – we'll make the first.

Clicking Add New Post makes all the options available to you

You can use the text field to enter a reflection or create an action statement that provides additional narrative about your goal, or documents current or upcoming professional learning activities.

02:58 You can link to internal or external websites that you use to support your practice and students.

You can attach BloomBoard professional learning resources that you’ve already selected or that have been recommended to you.

You can also explore the BloomBoard Marketplace for new resources from the Attach BloomBoard resources window.

03:58 Purchases you make in the Marketplace during your visit appear in the Attach BloomBoard resources window. Just open the window and select the resource.

As the school year progresses, you can add more resources, and reflections.

This concludes our overview of using the BloomList and Goal Progress area to help you track and achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact BloomBoard at or 888-418-1595.

Thank you for watching.

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