Introduction to Manage Users

When Org Admins click Manage Users, they are taken to the User Management screen. Org Admins use the screen to find users and to manage all of an individual user's profile information, including basic information, status, roles, relationships; rubrics; passwords, and school affiliations.

Using the User Management Screen

The User Management screen gives the Org Admin access to all active and inactive user accounts. The system displays notifications when any of the organization's users are missing a rubric and/or learner assignment. Read the descriptions underneath the screenshots below to learn more about using the User Management screen.

User Management Screen - Header Fields


Configuration alert banner

An alert banner displays when any active user account in your organization needs a rubric or relationship assignment.

Close the banner by clicking the "x" in the upper right.

Download a list of accounts

Click the download link to download a spreadsheet of all users in the organization. The spreadsheet lists each user's name, ID, email, active status, date added, last login, and learner/observer/ administrative roles.

Add a new user /
Manage and create users in bulk


Click Add a new user to create a new, individual user. For more information  on creating a new user, see Create New User.

Click Manage and create users in bulk to open the Bulk User Management tools. For more information on using bulk management tools, refer to support articles with "Bulk Users" in the title.

Select schools


Click the Select schools field to filter the list to users who are affiliated with the selected school.

Choose the Select school(s) menu item to remove the filter.

Show Inactive Users

Select Show Inactive Users to include inactive accounts in the displayed user list.

Search for any user

Enter any portion of a user's first or last name and press Enter.

Delete the search term from the field to restore the full user list.


User Management Screen - User List


Learner profile tile

Click the learner's name link to open the user's profile and make modifications to his/her information. To learn more about completing a user's profile fields, see Create New User - Personal tab and Create New User - Defining Relationships.


The Schools column displays all of a user's schools.

Roles column

The Roles column displays all of a user's roles.

Status column - configuration alert

An alert displays in the Status column when a user is missing a relationship and/or rubric. Users with configuration issues are listed first.

Click the learner's name link to open his/her profile and make the appropriate assignment(s).

Status column

An Active/Inactive status displays for users who are appropriately configured.

Click the status menu to change a user's status. The status is changed immediately.

If you change a user's status to Inactive, the user will disappear from the screen unless you have selected the Show Inactive Users item near the top of the screen.

Navigation Tools

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