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NPS is continuing to partner with BloomBoard Inc. to provide a fully-functional performance evaluation and professional development management platform. Every school administrator and every teacher in the district will have a BloomBoard account and should be logging in to the system on a regular basis. Teachers and administrators will log in to BloomBoard using their NPS email addresses. If you do not have a NPS e-mail address, please reach out to the IT Help Desk as soon as possible to ensure your access to BloomBoard.

New Resources for the 14-15 School year

Overviews / Guides

BloomBoard Learner User Guide

BloomBoard Observer User Guide

Accessing Archived Observations and Meetings

Signing & Locking-Observer/Learner Video

OSBS Goal-Setting Process (IPDP/CAP)


CST Goal-Setting Process (IPDP/CAP)

IPDP/CAP Creation

Learner Sharing Overview

Learner Mid-Year Review


Navigating your Dashboard

Observer Mid-Year Review

Observer Sharing Overview


Go to the Newark Public Schools website for more information and support materials.


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