Observer: Responding to a Learner's Observation Request

In districts that allow learners to request observations, observers receive an email notification, as well as a requested observation activity on their dashboard. 

  1. Use the email link to go to the observation on the dashboard, or begin at the dashboard to view the observation.

  1. Click the observation request to open it.
  2. Choose to accept or decline the request by clicking the appropriate button.



Accepting Requests

  1. Click Yes, I can take this observation!
    Accepted requests convert to regular observations on the dashboard.

Helpful Hint: When an observer accepts an observation request, scheduling control is transferred to the observer. The learner can no longer modify the date.



Denying Requests

  1. Click No I can't accept this request.
  2. Provide an explanation or date suggestion in the window that displays and then click Deny Request. Denied requests are removed from the observer dashboard immediately. 

The system sends an email notification to the learner that advises her/him to modify or cancel the request.



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