Learner: Requesting Observations / Meetings

Requesting an Observation or Meeting Activity

Some districts allow learners to request observations. To make a request, you must be logged in as a learner. (Note: This feature is only allowed when the district has requested this feature.) If you don't normally sign in as a learner and want to learn how to switch roles, please see the article Switching User Roles in the Platform

  1. From the learner home page, click Request an Observation.

  1. In the window that displays, select the observation or meeting type you'd like to request and then click Continue to Select Observer

  1. In the Observer Selection window that displays, choose the observer you'd like to observe you or meet with you.

  1. Select a suggested date and then click Add a Message to continue. The observer can suggest a different date, if needed.

  1. In the message window that displays, enter a message to the observer and then click Submit Request. The system emails your request to the observer and posts the pending activity on the observer's dashboard.

The pending observation request appears in Current Activities on the learner's home page and on the Activities tab of the learner's E-Portfolio (below).



Modifying a Declined Request

A declined request displays in Current Activities and in the Activities tab of the E-Portfolio. 


  1. Open the activity request in the E-Portfolio.
  2. Review the observer's message, if any, in the orange bar across the top.
  3. Click the Modify this request button in the bottom right.

The process of choosing an observer and date repeats. The same windows and options appear as when you first created the request. See the Requesting an Observation or Meeting Activity section above for images.

  1. In the Observer Selection window, select the same or a different observer. 
  2. From the calendar, choose a suggested date. 
  3. Enter a message and then click Submit Request

The request is submitted to the selected observer to accept or decline.



Cancelling a Requested Activity

A request may be cancelled either before the observer has responded or when the observer declines. Once the observer accepts a request, the activity can no longer be cancelled by the learner.  

  1. Find and expand the requested activity in the Activities tab of the E-Portfolio.
  2. Click Cancel this request in the lower right corner (see image above).
  3. In the dialog box that displays, select Yes, I want to cancel to proceed or No, don't cancel to exit the deletion.




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