Observer Dashboard Overview

Navigating the Home Page

The observer dashboard opens after logging in. The dashboard displays your learners and activities in a grid, allowing you to view, manage and schedule activities. All new activities are created in the dashboard.

The navigation bar at the top allows you to navigate to the site's main sections, and access areas and features that have been enabled by your district. Take a quick home page tour by reviewing the screenshot and accompanying highlights below.



Helpful Hint: Not all users see the same dashboard. The screen you see depends on the features your district has enabled.


Navigation Bar

Click the tabs to go to the site section you wish to visit. Available sections are determined by both your role and the features enabled by your district.

Settings and Help

Click Help to view all help files.

Click your name to update your profile; sign out; and transition between learner and observer (if applicable).



All of your learners display in the top row.

  • Scroll to view additional learners.
  • Learners’ activities display in the column under their pictures.
  • Click a learner’s picture to open his/her profile.

Learner Search


Use any portion of the learner’s first or last name to find a learner. The view filters to show just the learner’s activities.



Learner activities (observation and meeting) are grouped by type. Collapse or expand the types to control your view of activities.

  • The types used (displayed) are determined by your district.
  • Click a right facing arrow to open and view all of the year’s activities.
  • Click a bottom facing arrow to collapse and hide activities.





Use to create new and view existing activities for learners.

  • Activities are color-coded to indicate their status.
  • Click an activity to open it.

Professional Learning Resources

Access PD resources by clicking the Explore Resources link.



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