Downloading and Printing Observation/Meeting Information

Downloading Observations and Meetings

You can download a compressed (.zip) file of all an observation's steps, including notes and any artifacts that learners have uploaded. Activity steps download as PDFs while learner artifacts download in their native format. Videos do not download to the zip file.

  1. Locate the Download link (some options are shown below). You can find the links in the Summary section of an observation or on any meeting screen that displays a Close this meeting button.


Download pdf of meeting

Download pdf of observation


  1. Click the download link to begin.




  1. Navigate to the location where downloads are saved by your system to open the zip file.


Helpful Hint: Downloaded items can be printed by opening them and selecting their printing options.


Printing Options in Observations and Meetings

When you download an observation's or meeting's zip file, you can print any item in the file. You may wish to print individual steps and items; however, as observations and meetings progress. Printable steps display a printer icon at the top.

  1. Click the Print icon.
  1. If the step you wish to print is a rating step, print options display that allow you to exclude evidence and/or performance level descriptions.Click Print to continue when you're ready.


You can also print a Learner's uploaded artifacts individually. You must download the artifacts first.

  1. Open the artifacts menu and select the item you wish to download. The uploaded item must be open on the screen.
  2. Click Download on the toolbar below the item name. The download begins immediately.

  1. Navigate to the location where downloads are saved by your system to open the file for printing.


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