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Who can view my activities?

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An observation or meeting activity may have multiple viewers. In addition to the primary observer and learner, other read-only users may have access to scheduled observations and meetings. Read-only users include observers with read-only access and Org Admins who are authorized to manage observations (Org Admins who are only authorized to manage users do not have viewing privileges).


Who can view my activities?


You can see a list of read-only observers by clicking the Settings (gear) icon in an observation and then clicking Who can see this observation? You can also find Who can see this observation? in the activity overview on the Dashboard.

How do I know what has been shared?

When users open an observation, they can review the following areas to know what has been shared. 

Sharing Notifications

Every step in an observation displays a sharing notification at the bottom left of the screen that tells you what has been shared and with whom.

Collected Evidence

Users can open the Collected Evidence screen to view their collected evidence and any shared evidence. Users can also change the shared status of evidence here.

To learn more about reviewing collected evidence, see Reviewing Observation Evidence


Click on the Settings (gear) icon in the navigation bar and then click What's been shared? to view which steps have been shared.

Helpful Hint: In addition to viewing a step's shared status, you can selectively share individual steps or collectively share all steps and evidence.

What observation information is visible?

In general, a learner's observation work, with the exception of attached artifacts, is private until shared. Similarly, the primary observer's work is invisible to the learner until it is shared. Read-only observers and admins can see all of the primary observer's information. 


Observer Entries
Read-only observers and admins can view all observer notes and ratings, including unshared items. Learners cannot view unshared entries.
Observer Entries (shared) An observer's shared notes and ratings can be viewed by everyone: read-only observers, admins, and learner.
Learner Entries (unshared) A learner's unshared information cannot be viewed by anyone except the learner.
Learner Entries (shared) A learner's shared information can be viewed by all observers and admins.
Uploaded artifacts
(attached to activity)
Items uploaded/attached to an observation or meeting are automatically shared with the participants (primary observer and learner) and read-only observers and admins.
Uploaded artifacts
(E-Portfolio only)
Items that reside exclusively in the learner's E‑Portfolio (not attached to an activity) are not shared.
Observer Private Notes (from Summary pane) Only read-only observers and admins can view an observer's private notes. Learners cannot view the notes.  


Helpful Hint: To learn more about sharing observation evidence and notes, see the Sharing Observation Evidence video (length about 3 minutes).

What can others see in a learner's Aggregated Evidence and Ratings tab?

Visibility varies based on where ratings are made. Aggregate ratings created directly in AE&R can be viewed only by the user who created them. Ratings created in an observation step provide options to enable sharing (within the observation). Ratings created in a meeting step are shared automatically.

Ratings created
in AE&R

Users can see only their own aggregate ratings created directly in the AE&R tab of the E‑Portfolio. Aggregate ratings can be shared by taking a snapshot and attaching the snapshot to a meeting activity. 

To learn more about creating and attaching snapshots, see Creating and Using Snapshots in AE&R and Attaching Snapshots to Meetings.

Snapshots attached
in a meeting
Snapshots of aggregate ratings attached to a meeting are automatically shared and can be viewed in the meeting activity.
Ratings created in an observation (shared)
Shared ratings created in an observation activity are visible to all participants within the observation. 
Ratings created in an observation (unshared)
A learner's unshared ratings created in an observation activity are visible only to the learner. An observer's unshared ratings created in an observation activity are visible to the observer and any read-only viewers.

When are learner artifacts shared?

Artifacts tab of E‑Portfolio

Only the learner can view the Artifacts tab of his/her E‑Portfolio.
  • Observers do not see the tab when they visit the E‑Portfolio.
  • Items that reside exclusively in the E‑Portfolio are visible only to the learner.

Artifacts attached to meetings or observations

Artifacts that are uploaded or attached to a meeting or observation are automatically shared with all participants and read-only observers.

When should information be shared?

Each organization can set its own expectations around information sharing to best foster collaboration and conversation throughout the observation process.


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