Completing Forms in an Activity


Entering and Saving Responses in Forms

Tagging Form Entries

Editing text in a saved form


Entering and Saving Responses in Forms

When you open a form, it opens in edit mode.

  1. Click in a field and then either add text or select your response.
    Note: A green check mark temporarily displays next to a text field when it auto saves.
  2. Repeat as needed to complete the form.




  • Forms auto save, but remain editable for the participant who is responsible for completing the form.
  • The form is read-only for the other participant and any read-only observers.
  • Forms in meetings are automatically shared with the other participant and any read-only observers.
  • You can print the form by clicking Print in the upper right of the screen. 


Tagging Form Entries

Some forms can be tagged to state or district rubrics. The rubric pane does not display when the form is editable. Follow the steps below to make the form read-only, so you can display the rubric and tag evidence.

save draft button

  1. Enter responses in the fields, as directed above.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Save draft button.
  3. Click the Save draft button to make the form read-only and display the indicators panel on the right.
    Note: You may need to click the Save draft button again to display the indicators panel.
  4. When the indicators panel displays, you may begin tagging your form entries.

For more information about tagging evidence to indicators, see Tagging and Sharing Evidence in a Document. The process of tagging evidence in a document is very similar to tagging evidence in a form.

Editing Text in a Tagged Forms

If you need to edit your form text directly after saving and tagging indicators, you may need to unlock your form.  

  1. Edit your responses linkClick Edit your responses at the top of the form (across from the form title). 
  2. Modify your text.
  3. Your form field edits auto save.


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