Scheduling Activities for Multiple Learners

If you have an activity that involves multiple learners, such as a deadline for uploading a lesson plan, you can use bulk scheduling to schedule all of the included learners in one scheduling action.  It is worth noting that although an activity can be scheduled in bulk, activities cannot be deleted in bulk.  Instead, observers can delete activities individually.

  1. In the All Learners column, click the Schedule button of the appropriate activity to open the scheduling window.



  1. In the selection window, all of your learners display. Deselect learners who are not included in the scheduled activity and then click Continue.



  1. If you are scheduling a meeting, select a date and time in the schedule window that appears and then click Schedule & Finish.
  2. If the step is a task with a due date, you may choose to send email reminders prior to the due date, and then click Schedule & Finish.  



  1. If the activity has multiple steps, click either Schedule & Continue or Schedule & Finish after each scheduling step.
  2. You can also click Schedule Later to schedule a particular step at another time, as long as one of the activity's steps is actually scheduled. Activity schedules can be modified later.



  1. Choose whether to send email invitations by checking the appropriate boxes.
  2. When you are finished, click Schedule & Finish.


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