Reviewing Observation Evidence

The Collected Evidence screen allows you to view all of your collected evidence, plus any shared evidence. The Collected Evidence screen also allows you to modify sharing options, and delete your evidence and its associated comments. Modifying and deleting evidence is explained in Deleting and Editing Tagged Evidence. Modifying sharing options in Collected Evidence is explained in Modifying Evidence Sharing in Collected Evidence.  Note: Only evidence that has a checkmark in the Shared column is shared with the other participant of the observation.

  1. To review all collected and shared evidence, click Collected Evidence on the navigation bar.
  2. By default, evidence is sorted by its tagged time, but you can change it to sort evidence by Source, Tags or Observer.



  1. Hover on the column heading you wish to sort by, and then click the arrow that displays, 
  2. Click the arrow a second time to reverse the sort order.

Filtering Collected Evidence

Collected Evidence provides two filtering options. You can filter by Participant or by Source (activity step).

By Participant

  1. Click the Change link to filter the evidence by Participant.
  2. Select the participant whose evidence you wish to see and then click OK.


Choose Observer

By Source (steps within the activity)

  1. To filter evidence by the steps within the activity, click the blue link under the Source heading to open the menu or steps.
  2. Deselect or select steps to filter the list to those you wish to view. Your filters apply immediately.
  3. Click the link again to collapse the menu.





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