Scheduling Activities (meetings and observations)

Scheduling Activities (meetings & observations)

Activities are scheduled and accessed directly in the dashboard where you have access to all of your learners and their activities. The dashboard is empty when you first enter it, but fills with scheduled activities over time.




  1. In the teacher's column, click the Schedule button of the appropriate activity to open the scheduling window.
  2. In the Scheduling window (image below), select a date and time.
  3. If the activity has just one step, select the date and time in the schedule window that appears and then click Schedule & Finish.
  4. If the activity has multiple steps, click either Schedule & Continue or Schedule & Finish after each scheduling step.


Helpful Hint: If an activity has multiple steps, the system prompts you to schedule each step in successive windows. You can click Schedule Later to schedule a particular step at another time, as long as one of the steps is actually scheduled.


  1. Choose whether to send a calendar invitation to yourself and/or to the learner by checking the appropriate Send an invitation boxes. Prevent all emails from sending to the learner by selecting Keep this activity private. If your activity has multiple scheduling steps, you need to make the appropriate selections in each step.


Helpful Hint: If an activity includes multiple steps, the system sends email notifications for each step you've chosen to send invitations.

  1. When you are finished, click Schedule & Finish.

To learn how to use the bulk scheduling tool, see Scheduling Activities for Multiple Learners.


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