Navigating an Observation

When you open an observation, you can use the navigation bar at top to navigate within the observation. The navigation bar displays at the top of every screen and allows you to navigate freely among the observation's steps. The functions of the navigation links are explained below.


Open Steps to display a menu of all observation steps. Click a menu item to open the step.

Collected Evidence

Click Collected Evidence to view all of the evidence that you've collected and has been shared with you. The navigation bar icon displays a tally of all tagged evidence collected across the observation.

Collected Evidence also allows participants to manage sharing of evidence items with each other, as well as delete evidence and its associated comments.


Click Ratings to open and use the ratings screen.


Open Summary to review steps' statuses and access the close and download options.


Open Settings to access Who can see this observation, which lists participants and viewers, and allows you to select additional read-only Observers for an observation. What's been shared summarizes all shared items and allows you to make changes to sharing.



Click the house icon to return to the Observation Overview on the Dashboard.




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