Uploading and Tagging Evidence in a Video (Premium)

If your district uses video observations, you can upload the video and tag portions of it for evidence. Uploaded items like videos are automatically shared with the observer, learner, and all read-only observers, but tagged evidence is not. To learn how to share evidence as you tag it, see Sharing Video Evidence below.

  1. Click the Video Observation link to open the video observation.  
  2. Click the Upload link to start the video upload and encoding process. Wait until the video opens – the upload window closes itself when it is finished.
  3. Click the Play button on the video player. 



  1. To tag a portion of the video for evidence, click Add Video Tag under the video to pause the video. The Add Video Tag window displays.



  1. Select relevant indicators in the panel above the Add Video Tag window. 
  2. Enter commentary in the text box. Notes and indicators display on the screen at playback.
  3. Change the duration of the tag, if needed, to increase or decrease the comment and indicator display.
  4. Click Tag Video to save the tag. The video automatically resumes play so you may continue tagging.



Please see Tips for Uploading Videos to Observations for additional information about optimizing your video and uploading environment. 

Sharing Video Evidence

You can choose to share some or all evidence with your observation participant by using the Share evidence button at the top of the indicators panel.

The status area to the left of the sharing button advises you whether the evidence you tag and save will be shared. By default, evidence sharing is not enabled when you tag a video for the first time.

  • When sharing is enabled, any evidence you tag and save is shared.
  • When sharing is turned off, any evidence you tag and save is not shared.
  • You can toggle between sharing states as you work. 

Helpful Hint: Use the Collected Evidence feature to change the shared status of any piece of evidence.

Viewing Video Evidence

  1. To view the entire video, click the play button. Tagged indicators and notes display during playback.
  2. To view a specific piece of evidence, click its thumbnail in the Video Tags list under the video.



Helpful Hint: If you do not see all of your collected evidence in the Video Tags pane, deselect Auto-scroll. All of your tagged evidence displays.


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