Observers: Using Notes in Observations

Observers can use the Notes feature to add general comments, feedback, next step suggestions, and private notes. If the observation includes a meeting step, you can also add meeting notes.

  1. Open the notes feature by navigating to Summary on the navigation bar.

  1. In the Review and Finalize your work screen, click either the General Comments or Next Steps link to open the notes field.

  1. In the Notes Panel that opens, choose the appropriate notes category.


  1. Click in the text box, and enter your notes. Notes save automatically, but you can also click the Save now link to save explicitly.
  2. Continue entering notes. If needed, switch notes categories by clicking a different category's link.
  3. Click Hide Notes to close the notes panel. The notes panel remain open for the duration of your session, until you close the panel (or observation).




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