Deleting and Editing Tagged Evidence


Evidence is defined as all items tagged to indicators, and also all entries made using Quickfire, whether tagged or not. Evidence is deleted and modified in the Collected Evidence screen.

Deleting Evidence

  1. From the Collected Evidence screen, hover on a piece of evidence to display the delete button. 

  1. Click delete.
  2. In the dialog box, click Yes to proceed. The evidence and related comments are deleted immediately and permanently.


Editing Evidence Text

The text of tagged evidence cannot be edited. To modify the text of tagged evidence, you must first delete the evidence and then return to the observation screen to tag it again.

  1. Open the Collected Evidence screen.
  2. Hover on the note of a piece of evidence and then click the delete option that displays.
  3. Return to the observation activity to re-select and tag the evidence.

Editing Evidence Comments

  1. Open the Collected Evidence screen.
  2. Hover on a note and then click the edit comment option that displays.
  3. Make modifications to the comment and then click Save comment.

Editing Evidence Tags

Edit the tags of selected evidence in the Collected Evidence screen. If you have used Quickfire to enter observation text, but have not tagged it yet, you can tag the evidence here.

  1. Open the Collected Evidence screen.
  2. Find the evidence whose tag you wish to modify and click on the tag region to open the indicators panel.
  3. Select and deselect indicators as needed.
  4. Click Save to finish.

Deleting Evidence Comments

  1. To delete just a comment, hover on the evidence to display the edit and delete options and then click edit comment.
  2. Delete all text in the editing box and then click Save comment.




Deleting Video Evidence

  1. In the Video Tags pane of the video observation, hover on a video tag and then click the delete option that displays.


  1. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes to delete the tag.
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