Observer: Observation and Meeting Activities Overview

When you click a scheduled observation or meeting activity in the Dashboard, it opens in a panel below. The Overview displays the roadmap of steps (tasks) that must be completed. Activity steps are presented sequentially, but you are not restricted from starting steps out of sequence.

Helpful Hint: The screenshot below is just an example - your view may differ. Activity steps and step names vary by activity and district process.

  • Each row corresponds to an activity step and is marked by initials to indicate whose participation is required to complete the step.
  • Click a step to open it.
  • The Status column provides activity updates, such as number of documents uploaded, or last update date, but does not indicate when the step is complete.
  • Participants needed to complete a step are listed in the Required by column. Participants displayed in gray are optional.



Additional tasks can be performed from the Activity Overview:

  • Add people who can view the activity by clicking the Who can view this observation link at the bottom.
  • Delete the activity by clicking the Delete button at the bottom.
  • Click Review and Close to go to the Summary step to review and finalize observation activities. Meeting activities can be closed in any step.


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