Video: Goals Overview for Observers

EdReflect offers tools for learners to create goals and track their own improvement targets. Goals can be tied to specific indicators, allowing learners to develop strategies for improvement.

This video tutorial provides an overview of goals for observers, and walks through the process of marking learners' goals achieved. 


Video time: 3:22


EdReflect offers tools for learners to create goals and track their own improvement targets.

Goals can be tied to indicators, allowing learners to develop specific strategies for improvement.

Learners create their own goals, but only observers can mark them achieved.

Let’s look at some sample learner goals.

Learner goals are viewed in the learner’s profile.

00:29 From the dashboard select the learner whose goals you wish to view.

The learner’s current Goal Summaries display at the bottom of their home page.

A Goal Summary is like a snapshot of a goal presented as a sticky note.

00:47 To view the details of a goal, hover on the goal and when the View Details button appears, click on it.

The Goal Details screen provides an at-a-glance overview of the goal and the learner’s progress toward achieving it.

Learners can answer district-defined SMART goal questions that clarify how a goal will be achieved.

01:11 They can tag the goal to indicators.

And they can use the Goal Progress area to add reflections and progress posts and also add links to professional learning resources, google docs or websites that can help them achieve their goal.

Observers (along with learners) can open to find collections of resources that can help their learners.

You can share your finds multiple ways, including email.

01:48 Now, let’s look at the learner’s Goal Planning page.

01:50 Click the blank sticky note to open the learner’s Goal Planning page.

In addition to displaying the learner’s goals, the Goal Planning page displays the learner’s self-assessed areas of strength and growth.

02:04 You can view goal details from this area too.

Only observers can mark a learner’s goal achieved.

02:17 In the upper right corner, click Mark as Achieved & Archive.

The goal’s status is immediately changed to completed and the goal is moved from the learner’s home page and Goal Planning page to the Archive.

Archived goals cannot be restored to active status, so you'll want to make sure the learner has completed their goal before you mark it achieved.

When a goal is marked achieved, the details can be viewed by going to the archive.

02:43 To view archived goals, go to the Goal Planning page.

If you’re in a Goal’s Details page, like we are now, click the Return to Learner’s Goal Planning link.

02:52 Find the link for archived goals underneath the current goals.

When you click the link, the archived goals open.

You can view both a learner’s completed and inactive goals here.

This concludes our goals overview and tutorial for marking a learner’s goals achieved.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact EdReflect at


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