Video: Learner Home Page Overview

The home page is an important portal to a Learner's work flow. The home page provides navigation to all sections, as well as tools for creating goals.

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This video gives you an overview of the home page and its features.

After you log in, you’re taken to the home page.

The home page allows you to navigate to the site’s main sections.

And it gives you access to areas and features that have been enabled by your district.

Let’s take a look at the different features on the home page.

00:33 The navigation links at the top allow you to navigate to the site’s main sections, like Activities, and at the end of the year, to your End of Year Evaluation.

You can click here to open BloomBoard’s Marketplace to find professional learning resources.

00:45 The profile menu displays commands to access your user profile and also allows you to sign out.

You can click here to open BloomBoard, where you can engage in collections of professional learning resources, created by teachers for teachers and you might also want to apply for micro-credentials to demonstrate your competency in a particular education-related skillset

01:22 Your BloomList displays 4 BloomList items, which are ordered chronologically.

You can create new BloomList Items by clicking on the Create a new item link.

You can open a BloomList item to its details page.

01:49 If you have more than four BloomList items, you can open your full BloomList by clicking the See all BloomList items link at the bottom.

Clicking Home always takes you to your home page.

02:06 The Current Activities pane lists four of your oldest active activities.

And it gives you access to all of your activities in your E-Portfolio.

Click a link to open an activity.

Your E-Portfolio Opens to the Activities Tab.

You can see that the activity you clicked is opened to its overview.

In the overview, you can view status updates and / or click a link to open the activity’s step.

02:38 The E-Portfolio has other tabs that allow you to upload Artifacts and use the Aggregated Evidence and Ratings screen.

Click Home to return to the home page.

02:49 You can also navigate to the E-Portfolio by clicking Activities in the Navigation area or by clicking the Visit My E-Portfolio button next to the learner’s image.

Notice this time you are taken to the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings tab.

03:16 If you want to see previous years’ activities, click the link at the bottom of the Activities screen

The previous years’ activities open below the current year’s activities.

03:34 Scroll down to view your Goal Summaries.

Your Goal summaries display as sticky notes.

03:41 Click a goal to open it and review its details or make modifications.

In the Goal Progress area, you can add progress posts and links to website and resources to support and document your goal.

04:06 Clicking a blank note takes you to the Goal Planning Page where you can create new goals.

You can also add or modify entries on the Areas of Strength and Areas for Growth cards.

If you use SLOs, MSLs or Student Improvement Component Measures, you find them in Goal Planning.

To return home, just click the Home link

This concludes our review of the EdReflect home page.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact EdReflect at

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