Video: Inactivating and Deleting Goals

This video provides a tutorial on the process of inactivating and deleting goals.

Video time: 2:23


If you want to remove a goal from your Current Goals but not delete it - you can inactivate it.

You can inactivate and reactivate your goals as needed.

Inactivated goals are moved to the archive and removed from indicator panels, so you can’t tag an inactive goal to evidence.

00:20 To make a goal inactive…

Click the goal you wish to inactivate to open the details page

The status menu in the upper right of the goal shows the current status.

00:31 Click the status menu to open it.

Choose Make Inactive.

The goal is inactivated and moved to the archive.

Now, let’s open the Archive to view our inactive goal.

00:47 Go to the Goal Planning page.

00:54 Access the archive by clicking the link under your current goal summaries.

Archived goals open beneath the current goals.

The archive holds achieved goals as well as inactive goals.

Achieved goals are marked Done.

Inactive goals display the date they were marked inactive.

01:15 To reactivate a goal, click the View Details link to open the details page.

Open the status menu in the upper right.

This time it says Inactive.

01:26 Click the menu and choose Make Active.

The goal is reactivated and available for editing and tagging in evidence.

You may have noticed the Delete option in the status menu.

It appears for all goals, whether they are active, inactive, or achieved.

01:44 If a goal displays a View Details link, it can be deleted.

To delete a goal open the status menu in Goal Details and click Delete.

01:56 In the confirmation box, click Delete please.

The goal is deleted.

This concludes our review of inactivating and deleting Goals.

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