Tagging and Sharing Evidence in a Document

Observation participants may collect evidence in uploaded documents, such as lesson plans or reflections, by selecting portions of the document and choosing related indicators to attach to it (tagging). Uploading artifacts is covered in the Uploading Artifacts article.

Items uploaded or attached to an observation, like a document, are auto-shared, but evidence you tag is not. You can choose to share all evidence or individual pieces of evidence with your observation participant as you work. For more information on sharing observation evidence, see the Sharing Tagged Evidence section at the end of this article.

  1. After uploading, the document is available on the screen. 
  2. Indicators display in a sliding panel on the right.


Helpful Hint: The indicators panel slides to the right if there is not enough room to display. Just hover on the panel to expand it.



  1. Highlight the text you wish to tag for evidence.
  2. With text highlighted, select the checkboxes next to the indicator that you want to tag for the  evidence.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the indicator panel.


  1. Repeat until you are finished collecting evidence.


Helpful Hint: You must Save after tagging indicators for each selection.


  1. To add a comment, click Add a Comment at the bottom of the indicators panel and enter text in the text box that displays.


  1. Click Save after commenting or Cancel to exit comments.
  2. Tag evidence to goals, if desired, by opening the Goals tab and following the same procedures as for indicators.


You can see a tally of all evidence collected across the observation in the Collected Evidence item on the navigation bar.


Sharing Tagged Evidence

You can choose to share individual pieces of evidence with your observation participant by using the Share evidence button at the top of the indicators panel.

The status area to the left of the button advises you whether the evidence you tag and save will be shared. By default, sharing is not enabled when you open an observation screen.

  • When sharing is turned on, any evidence you tag and save is shared.
  • When sharing is turned off, any evidence you tag and save is not shared.
  • You can toggle between sharing states as you work. 
  • The share options do not impact previously shared or unshared work.


Helpful Hint: You can change the shared status of all saved evidence in Collected Evidence. To learn more about using the Collected Evidence screen to modify the shared status of evidence, see Modifying Evidence Sharing.




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