Learner: Accessing and Opening Observation & Meeting Activities

EdReflect tailors observation and meeting activities to your school district’s requirements. Observers start the process by scheduling an activity in the system. If your observer chooses to send an invitation, you receive an email notification. Scheduled observations and meetings appear in Current Activities on your home page.

Accessing Observation and Meeting Activities

Click any of the options below to open your E-Portfolio and view a list of your current activities.


Click Activities on the main navigation bar from anywhere within the system to open the E-Portfolio. Next, click the Activities tab to view your meeting and observation activities.
observation-current-observation-pane-smaller.png Click See All Activities from the Current Activities pane on the home page to open the E-Portfolio to the Activities tab.
Visit the learner's E-Portfolio Click View My E-Portfolio from the home page to open the E-Portfolio. Next, click the Activities tab to view your meetings and observations.

Click a specific activity in the Current Activities pane to navigate directly to the selected observation or meeting activity in the E-Portfolio.

The activity expands automatically to display its steps.


Opening Observation and Meeting Activities

  1. Click an activity listing to expand its steps.
  1. Click a step to open the observation or meeting activity.



Activities are color coded to mark their status. Activity statuses are explained in the table below.

Accessing Archived Observation and Meeting Activities

  1. At the bottom of the Activities tab, click Show activities from previous years.

View all observations link


A panel of archived activities opens underneath the current panel.




Observation Statuses
observation-status-schedule.png Available to Schedule
Scheduled – not started
observation-status-green.png Scheduled - started
observation-status-yellow.png Scheduled – no updates in 7 days
observation-status-red.png Scheduled – no updates in 14 days and past last scheduled date
observation-status-complete.png Completed - observer has marked this activity as complete
Locked and waiting for Learner's signature (for districts that use signing and locking)
Completed and locked (for districts that use locking or signing and locking)



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