Renaming and Removing Artifacts from Activities

Navigate Among Artifacts

  1. Open the uploaded item menu and select the document you wish to view.


Rename Uploaded Artifacts

The uploaded item must be open on the screen before you can rename it.

  1. Open the document menu and select the item you wish to rename.
  2. Click Rename on the toolbar below the item name.

  1. Enter the new name in the field that displays and then click Save.


Remove Added Artifacts

  1. Locate and open the uploaded item.
  2. On the toolbar below the item, click Delete.

  1. If you originally uploaded the artifact in your E-Portfolio, a dialog box displays. Choose whether to remove the artifact from the observation or delete it from both the activity and your E-Portfolio.


Delete artifact dialog box


Helpful Hint:  If you wish to remove an artifact directly from your E-Portfolio, see Deleting Artifacts from the E-Portfolio.


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