Learner: Editing Your Goals

Editing Goal Summary Text

Edit goal summary text from either the Goal Planning or Goal Details pages.

  1. Click on the goal text to enable editing.

Modify goal summary text

  1. Make desired modifications to the goal text and then press Enter or click outside the note to complete the modifications.

Editing and Deleting Goal Details and Indicators

  1. To edit a goal detail from the Goal Details pages, hover on the detail to view the Edit link.

Edit goal details

  1. Click Edit to open the text box.
  2. Make modifications and then click Save when finished.
    Alternately, click Delete to remove the detail. The deletion is made instantly and is permanent.
  3. To edit goal indicators, click the Align this goal link to open the indicator table.  goal-align-indicator-text.png
  4. Select and deselect indicators by clicking their check boxes.
  5. Click Save when finished.



A notification displays. goal-indicator-deleted-notification.png



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