What are Goals in BloomBoard?

Here at BloomBoard, we view masterful teaching as one of the most challenging professional aspirations that a person can hold. In order to get to that point, we believe that, as with any other undertaking of gigantic proportion, discrete, manageable goals are the best way to begin.

In setting your goals, we encourage you to engage in dialogue with your observer, creating a conversation about the improvement strategies that will allow you to meaningfully focus your practice on a day-to-day basis.

In order to be effective, however, the goal-setting process must be intrinsically motivated. Only you can be truly responsible for making a commitment to better your teaching. As a reflection of that responsibility, only you are able to create or edit goals for yourself in the BloomBoard system.

To create goals, start with Goal Summaries. Goal Summaries display on the bottom of the home page.

Goal Summaries

  • A Goal Summary is a snapshot of a goal presented as a sticky note on the home page.
  • You cannot add, edit or delete goals directly from the home page.
  • Click a summary to open the details screen so you can enter and modify details.
Goal summaries on home page  Goal summary example 

To learn how to create new goals, see Setting Goals.



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